Tube Forming Machine

Best model Amol automatic bangle / ring tube forming machine

Detail Of Machine:

Amol Tube Forming Machine is precisely designed, used to convert strip of metal in to a holow tube. Its work on the principle of cold drawing opration. This miracle happens with the help of draw dies & mandrels and maintenance free machine. Using various dies & andrels, numerous hollow tubes can be formed with various shapes & sizes. Regular as well as fancy. Making for hollow tube in various size & shape like: round, half round , square , rectangle , triangle , hexagon etc.

Technical Specification

Model - TFM-M

Application Tecnical Data

Making for hollow tube in various size & shape Like:

  • Round, Half Round
  • Square, Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Hexagon etc.
  • 1 HP Variable DC drive motor 1 to 30 rpm with same torque.
  • Line Speed, Inching in forward and reverse directions.
  • Tube bending diameter 10mm to 100 mm.
  • Straight forming length upto 2mtr. [no request]
  • Dimensions:84x45x116 cms.
  • Approx Weight: 200 kgs.


Strip Cutting Machine

The unique feature of this machine is sizing metal to precise dimensions which are adjustable with steel cutting edges without changing the blades. The most important specification is the possibility of adjusting the distance between the two cutting blades by means of a knob. For setting dimensions a measuring scale is fitted with a pointer. This machine is equipped with flat-support making easier the cutting linearity having both sides perfectly trimmed. This machine is also available with manual operation.

Spring Cutting Machine:

Technical Specification:

Model - PCA

Application Technical Data
For Accurate cutting of Bangles and Rings from Forming Coils.
  • 0.25 HP Motor Single Phase 230v50c/s
  • 2800 rpm
  • Dimensions: 31x41x43 cms..
  • Approx Weight: 64 kgs.