Bangle-Ring Zig-Zag / Waves Faceting Machine

Bangle-Ring Zig Zag [Waves] Cutting Faceting Machine.

Detail Of Machine:

AMOL Horizontal / Vertical Combined Zig-Zag machine is the latest member in our very popular models of goldsmith machinery. The Zig-Zag Machine is of rigid construction which gives vibration free, smooth & noisless cutting while working.The main function of Zig-Zag Machine is to form different types of back ground impressions on bangles, wedding rings, in waves form. This waves form background self design impressions gives laser as well as rainbow coloured effect on the articles.One can decorate Horizontal as well as Vertical Zig-Zag on the articles in one operation without disturbing the articles.It's going to be the heart throb amongst the goldsmiths of the country as well as abroad. No skilled worker is needed as its very easy to operate.

Technical Specification:

Heads 1 Horizontal & 1 Vertical
Type of Main Centre Fixed
Type of Head Revolving
No. of axis 2 (Z - Vertical & Z-1 Vertical for Depth)
Vertical Z axis Movement Screw
Vertical Z-1 axis for depth 5.5 mm
Horizontal Spindle Motor 0.25 HP / 2800 RPM
Horizontal Spindle Speed 5600 RPM
Vertical Spindle Motor 0.25 HP / 2800 RPM
Vertical Spindle Speed 6500 RPM
Net / Gross Weight (kgs.) 230 / 260