Bangle Kanas Radius Faceting Machine

Best Model Amol Signle Head Bangle Kansas (Radius) Cutting Faceting Machine.

Detail Of Machine:

Amol Kanas Machine is little master amongst our range of machines. Very smooth and vibration free cutting is main feature of our Kanas Machine. Its is so compact and easy to operate that any design can be made with in a minute, precisely and accurately now no more files / kanas is used for making kanas bangle and articles as our kanas machine gives more accurate designs using different diamond tools. This saves your precious time and money with mass production.

Bangle Kanas Faceting Machine (Manual Cum Motor)

Bangle Kanas Faceting Machine (Semi Auto)

Best Model Amol Automatic Kanas Bangle Cutting Faceting Machine. (Long Cut Kanas )

Detail of Machine:

With the view to serve you best, we have launched "Long Cut Kanas Designs as well as Regular Kanas Designs on this machine. This machine is very compact sophisticated and attractive.


Bangle Kanas Faceting Machine Automatic With Program Controlable