Bangle Ring sizing & grooving machine

Ring Sizing Machine

Ring Sizing Machine Supplied with 12 pcs rounding dies

Net / Gross Weight (kgs) 10 / 25
Dimensions (mm) 290 x 220 x 150
Shipping Volume (m3) 0.01

Bangle Sizing Machine

This new type of sizing machine is very compact and useful to Gold smith and imitation jewellery manufacturers.

Special features of this machine is you can level bangle or ring with first stroke.

You are getting perfect bangle or ring sized with the second stroke and with the third reverse stroke the bangle is removed automatically with bangle retrieving ring.

Bangle Sizing Machine Supplied with 17 pcs rounding dies.

Net / Gross Weight (kgs) 50 / 75
Dimensions (mm) 520 x 320 x 230
Shipping Volume (m3) 0.04

Bangle Expanding Machine

Bangle Expanding Machine - Hand Operated

Net / Gross Weight (kgs) 19 / 27
Dimensions (mm) 380 x 380 x 570
Shipping Volume (m3) 0.09

Ring Expanding & Reducing Machine

Ring Expanding & Reducing Machine - Hand Operated

Net / Gross Weight (kgs) 9 / 15
Dimensions (mm) 240 x 140 x 500
Shipping Volume (m3) 0.02

Bangle & Ring Grooving Machines

Bangle and Ring Grooving Machines Hand Operated with arrangement to fit 'V' belt on the operating wheel for motorized operation. Supplied with a set of 12 bangle grooving rolls